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Give your child the ultimate birthday party experience by hiring their favorite action hero character to celebrate their big day with them. Our goal is to make it a day your child will remember for years to come. We’ll keep the kids engaged, entertained and having fun, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We can send our action heroes to any location you choose to host your child’s birthday party, or you can host it at our studio in Burbank.

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Live Character Entertainment for Birthday Parties

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for tons of current character photos or explore some of our party packages including:

We know that party planning can be stressful, but remember even Wonder Woman doesn’t work alone. So feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we can assist you in creating a day that is full of action-packed adventure!

Characters for Children’s Parties

There’s a plethora of party companies that offer children’s birthday party entertainment in the Southern California region. When searching through them all, one may find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of options. There’s a lot of information and numbers that one has to process. Well, stress no more! We asked our customers what they felt were the determining factors in choosing a party entertainment company and based on their top responses we put together a checklist!

1. The Reviews

Check their reviews! You want to make sure that the company you choose is going to be the best fit for you and your family. Look at what past customers have said on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and their website. If you find that they are consistent across the board with positive reviews that’s a good sign. However, if you come across some not-so-good reviews, make sure that the company has responded to those clients. Knowing that a company is willing to help a dissatisfied customer is a definite plus! You want to know that if something bad were to happen that the problem would be able to be resolved.

2. Live Scan Certified Employees

You want to ensure that whomever you are going to hire as birthday party entertainment is safe to be around your children. Nowadays, backgrounds checks are not a good enough precaution. Luckily, with the advancement of technology we have the Live Scan certification process. This is something that all of our actors at Action Events have to pass in order to work for the company. The Live Scan process involves going to a location to get live scanned. Once there, a potential employee’s fingerprints are taken electronically and run through the California Department of Justice’s database. This process can flag records in the system that a normal background check might miss. So double check with the company and ask if their actors are Live Scan certified.

Here’s a link to further explain Live Scan and its process:

3. Years In Business

New companies start up every day. The only downside of a newer company is you don’t know if they are reliable. They may not have as many reviews leaving you with very little to come to a concise conclusion. A company that has been around for several years will have a more solid base. They will have plenty of reviews to search through online as well as multiple social media platforms where you can dig a little deeper into their full offerings. You can even look to see if they have returning customers. If so, has their experience been consistent? These details will help you to make an educated decision on if the company is right for you. For over 20 years, Action Events has been serving the Southern California region. During this time we have become pros at providing the best action-packed party entertainment for kids of all ages!

4. Authentic Costumes

The dream is for the character to show up and look as if they stepped right out of the movies or off the pages of a comic book. You don’t want it to look as if they came right off of Hollywood Boulevard. At Action Events, we use only the best costumes; we strive for movie quality. Clients have told us that they would rather pay a little more to guarantee that the costumes the actors are wearing are going to be exceptional quality rather than pay less for something not so glamorous.

5. A Focus on the Birthday Child

Birthdays only happen once a year. It’s understandable that you would want to celebrate in the best way possible and have the birthday child feel extra-special on their day. You may find it surprising, but we have heard many stories from clients that when they booked with another company, their child was treated like all the other kids. Their child was not made to feel special at their party. By booking with Action Events, you can ensure that your child will our number one focus. Whether it’s your child being Batman’s new sidekick or them learning the ways of the Force from Luke Skywalker, we will make sure that they are the star of the day!

6. Qualified Actors

Everyone has their own definition of what they believe the actor should be able to do to entertain at a party. Some feel that they should be able to facepaint and do balloon animals. Some feel that they should bring lots of props and music. And others just want their kids to be engaged and entertained for the duration of the party. At Action Events, our actors may not be the best face painters, and they certainly aren’t great with balloon animals, but they will entertain your kids and help them create memories that will last a lifetime! Our employees are all professional working actors, they are all trained in stage combat, sword fighting, and improvisation! The focus of an Action Events party is using your imagination. We want the kids to let their minds run free! We want them to know that their fantasies can be their reality! That’s why our action-packed roster of characters includes Star Wars characters, Superheroes, Ninjas, Princesses, Knights, etc. The games our actors play with the kids at our parties are all physically active, creative play! It’s all about using their imaginations and for them to just enjoy being kids!

7. Photos/Videos of Past Parties

It’s only natural to want to see photos/videos of past parties to ensure that what you’re paying for is worth the price. We recommend to check the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Website for all those goodies! For Action Events, you can follow our hashtag on Instagram: #ActionEventsLA in order to see our past birthday parties. By checking all of these platforms, you can also be positive that the actors you’ll be hiring actually look like the characters.

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Hosting a Birthday Party at a Kid-Friendly Location

There are plenty of locations in the Southern California region to host your child’s birthday party, but where to start? What questions do you need to ask? What are some of the best locations for a kid’s birthday party? All of this can seem overwhelming. Don’t forget that birthday parties are meant to be fun! So have fun planning the party! We’re here to help out, so here are some questions to keep in mind when contacting a venue. Remember, some locations only have set dates and time slots available on weekends, so if you are hosting a party during a weekday make sure to see if the venue you want is available.

  • What is your availability? (Referring to the date and time)
  • What is the overall cost? And what does it include?
  • Is this cost per child/per adult?
  • Can adults stay during the party?
  • Is there a minimum or maximum party size?
  • Is there parking? If so, is there an additional cost?
  • Can I bring food? Or is it provided?
  • Can I have food delivered?
  • Can I bring my own decorations?
  • Are party favors included? If not, where might be the best place for me to find some that fit my child’s birthday party theme?
  • Are there photos online of the party space? Or can I come in to visit to check out the space?
  • What is the deposit for securing my spot?
  • How can I pay for the deposit?
  • How do I pay for my remaining balance the day of the party?

Some of our favorite kid-friendly venues are:

Miracle Mile Toy Hall located at 5464 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 90036. Miracle Mile Toy Hall has a 1,400 square foot party room space! They also offer different party packages fit for any budget.

My Gym is another of our favorite party hosting locations! You can check out their website for a full list of their locations as well as their pricing.

Kidville in Brentwood is another super cool place to host a children’s birthday party! Kidville is located at 11740 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 107, Los Angeles, 90049. They’ll even validate parking!

We even host birthday parties here at our studio in Burbank! The Swordplay studio is located at 416 South Victory Blvd. Burbank, 91502. We do have a small parking lot in the front, otherwise there is street parking all around. Parents are more than welcome to stay for the fun or just drop off the kids. We do not charge per child, however we typically like to do a ratio of 10 kids for every 1 character, this way everyone can stay involved in all the games.

Harry Potter PartyHosting a party here at the studio is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. We only have select time slots for each day: Saturdays are 1:30 pm or 4:30 pm and Sundays are 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 4:30 pm. The studio can be booked for either a 1.5 hour time slot or for a 2 hour time slot. These time slots do include 30 minutes at the end for food. If you choose to do 1.5 hours, it would be 1 hour of play followed by 30 minutes for food. Or if you choose to do 2 hours, it would be 1.5 hours of play followed by 30 minutes for food. We do provide tables, seating, and the clean-up! So all you would need to bring is the food, tablecloths, utensils, paper goods, candles, knife to cut the cake, something to light candles, and any sort of decorations. On the day of your event, you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to set up. At that point the incredible actors you have booked will be able to answer any of your questions. They are your only on-site assistance for the day and they are extremely awesome!

If you would like to see photos of the studio space available for rent, check us out on Instagram @ActionEventsLA or on our Facebook page: Action Events LA. You can even check out the Swordplay studio website for more goodies and for more info contact us via email at or by phone at 818.669.3302.

Our Top Three Action Packed Party Suggestions for Your Little Hero

Action Events LA offers a wide variety of live action characters for birthday parties for families in Los Angeles. But what about for those children who run around the house stabbing your guests' legs with pool noodles and pretending to slay a dragon? Or how about when your four year old steals your expensive eyeliner to draw a Batman mask on their face? Or how about when your ten year old child tries to bond with spiders because he thinks he’s Spider-Man?

When your little one’s superpowers seem to get the best of your household, you can turn to us at Action Events LA for us to bring the heroes to you. Our live action characters will unleash your child’s superpowers and hopefully save you some money on expensive make-up. These are our top birthday party or special event suggestions for your own hyper-active little action hero.

1) Superhero Characters For Kids Parties

Superhero PartyOne of our most popular birthday party packages with the most heroic live action characters is our superhero package. We’ll surprise your house hero with his or her favorite action characters. Even better news: you don’t need to pick a side between Marvel or DC comic book characters with Action Events. Our heroes work in unity for the greater good of Los Angeles! We proudly offer one, two, or three superhero entertainers for your child’s best birthday party yet! You choose the characters – we bring them to life! Select Marvel superheroes like Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, or Dead Pool, and if your child prefers bats over spiders, we have DC comic book characters like Batman, BatGirl, Superman, The Flash, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman! Your child will be the superhero of the day, fighting battles against villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn, and restoring justice to Los Angeles alongside their favorite comic book and movie characters.

2) Star Wars Character Party and Jedi Camp for Kids

Star Wars PartyDoes your child try to use the force to get cookies before dinner? Does your daughter want to grow up to be Princess Lea, or your son emulate Luke Skywalker’s every move? With this year's release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise has garnered an even larger following of Jedis both young and old. With one of our most popular party package, we offer Star Wars character entertainers for both kids and adults alike. Your child and all his or her friends will be in awe at the choreographed lightsaber battles against the dark side! With our Jedi Training Camp, each child will learn from a jedi master like Obi Wan Kenobi on how to defeat dark side villains! This party package is fun for every Los Angeles family. If you’re looking for live action Star Wars characters near you, look no further! The greatest heroes of the galaxy will lead the young Jedi into a Star Wars adventure for kids parties and celebrations. At the end of their training, the force is put to the test as each Jedi gets to battle against one of the most feared villains in the galaxy: a Darth Vader character, Storm Trooper character, or Darth Mal character.

We also provide a Star Wars Fencing Birthday Party package where older Jedis can learn to not only use the force – but also fence – against the dark side. Under the mentorship of Swordplay LA trained fencers, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi teaches young apprentices how to defeat sith lords and Storm Troopers using their very own foil.

3) Medieval Knights for Kids Parties

Knight PartyIf your child is the one who runs around with a pool noodle in hand, perhaps consider throwing them a medieval knight party where they can slay dragons and save middle earth with all their friends! Our Medieval Knights effectively bring the kingdom to you. Watch noble knights, fearless princesses, and medieval warriors combat to defend their thrones right before your very eyes in choreographed fights for all ages to enjoy. If you and your family are fans of How To Train Your Dragon, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Dragonheart, the Medieval Knight Kids Party is for you! Our medieval entertainers take children on a fantasy adventure and exploration of middle earth before the young squires are then knighted themselves. You also have the option of the Medieval Knight Fencing Birthday Party where young squires are taught the ways of sword fighting through beginner’s fencing lessons. In the end, the special birthday boy or birthday girl then face off with one of our live action knights or live action princesses in a final duel. The birthday child ends victorious with a special medallion.

No matter where you are in Los Angeles, from the San Fernando Valley or the coast of Long Beach, Action Events is ready to service your needs and make your child’s birthday special with action-packed kids entertainment ranging from beloved superheroes, skilled Jedi masters, noble knighted warriors, and more.

Action Events LA has over 20 years of experience in making dreams come true!